3431 Airport Road, Pullman WA

**Certain services require evaluations by staff**

*Group Classes: 5 weeks long* – see calendar for schedule

Puppy $115
Basic $125
Intermediate $130
Advanced I $135
Off-Leash $140
Confidence Building $140
Agility and/or Rally for Fun $140
AKC Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) $140
AKC Trick – Novice and Intermediate $135
Therapy Dog Preparation $140
Service Dog – varies (COMING SOON) TBD
Consultation (30 minutes) $55
Consultation (2 dogs) $70
Private Lesson (30 minutes) $65
Private Lesson (set of 5 – 30 minutes) $300
Private Lesson (60 minutes) $75
Private Lesson (set of 5 – 60 minutes) $350
Home Visit – additional fee $25
E-Collar Lesson $75
15 Min Equipment Fitting $25
15 Min Class Evaluation – new clients $25
Right Start Puppy (6 months or under, 2 week minimum) $650/week
Right Start Puppy with Field Trips (2 field trips/week) $700/week
Obedience (2 week minimum) $750/week
Obedience with Field Trips (2 field trips/week) $800/week
Boarding with Obedience Training $85 per night

First Time Boarders must do a screening – $14

Existing Clients $57 per night
Existing Clients with Treadmill Time – additional fee $10 per night
Existing Clients (additional dog(s) $50 per night
Boarding with Obedience Training $85 per night

**Puppy Playtime is offered every Wednesday and Friday from 11:30am to 1:30pm**

*All other services are offered on an as needed basis, call to schedule*

Puppy Playtime $24
Puppy Playtime Package (set of 5) $114
Day Train  ½ Day <5 hours $36
Day Train  ½ Day Package <5 hours (set of 5) $175
Day Train  ½ Day  Package <5 hours (set of 10) $345
Day Train Full Day $47
Day Train Full Day Package (set of 5) $230
Day Train Full Day Package (set of 10) $455


  • Please complete forms prior to arriving at the Training Center
  • No Spay/Neuter Requirements
  • No Screening
  • No age restrictions as long as dog is completely up to date on vaccines
    • Exception: ‘Puppy’ services require the dog to be under 6 months of age unless told otherwise by staff
  • If you wish to attend a group class of a higher than ‘Basic’ a short evaluation by staff is required
  • We except behavioral issues on a case by case basics.


  • All dogs must be up to date on the following vaccines:
    • Rabies: 1 or 3 year
    • Distemper/DHPP/DAPP: 1 or 3 year
    • Bordetella: Every year, but we highly recommend a booster every 6 months
  • Must be internal and external parasite free
    • Note: We do not require proof of parasite preventatives, but reserve the right to remove any dog from daycare that is suspected to have internal or external parasites 

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